What I love to do



User Experience Lead

I created universal design components that were scalable across different brands and applications.

Creative Lead

I unified two separate brands through universal design guidelines and elements.

Design Direction

I evolved the brand and establish a stronger visual message of Boundless.

User Experience and Marketing

In this startup company, I wore many design hats. I redesigned all the visual aspects of the company including the website, social media funnels, content, and sales items, as well as being onsite building digital experiences for fortune 500 clients.

User Experience

Throughout my career I have worked on various products for the government. Clients included 4-star Generals, FBI, White House, and the Army. While working for the government, I learned to work within tight restrictions, small budgets, and fast deadlines.

Notable Leadership

Throughout my life I've made a commitment to give back to the community.


See what people are saying
Julie truly epitomizes what it means to be a team player. While self-starting and capable of working independently, she is always looking to incorporate feedback from others to ensure the best product goes forward. She is a true professional, and the quality of her work speaks volumes of her character. Julie is a pleasure to work with and will instantly add value to any team she is on.

Anthony Calamito

Chief Geospatial Officer, Boundless

I worked with Julie at Excelacom and really enjoyed her creativity, combined with her ability to get things done, on time and with great quality.She is a great graphic designer, continuously bringing to the table new ideas and helps transform storytelling of technology and data into visual and graphical interfaces.I highly recommend working with Julie!

Yossi Abraham

CMO, Excelacom

I have worked with Julie on multiple design projects, marketing campaigns, and events while at Boundless Spatial. I have been particularly impressed with her ability to rapidly derive a design from the often high level and vague requirements. Julie is always pleasant to work with and is quick to respond to requests. She is an asset to have as a member of your team!

Aaron Miller

Solutions Engineer, Boundless

Julie is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is extremely talented and her work ethic is second to none. Her ability to gather customer requirements and ideas and distill them into a presentable, compelling media is truly impressive. It would be a privilege to work with Julie again in the future and I hope I have the opportunity to do so.

Elliott Ferguson

VP, Professional Services, Boundless

Julie West

I have been designing professionally for over 8 years. My strengths are in branding and building professional design collateral for large scale companies. Whether designing a brand, marketing content or a new enterprise product, I bring leadership, strategy, and collaboration to my projects.



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